215 (City of Swansea) Squadron's Crest

215 (City of Swansea) Squadron, Air Training Corps

The Air Training Corps Crest


The future is bright - The Next Generation takes its rightful place !

The following Cadets were promoted on merit after giving years of loyal service to the Squadron and are an immense credit to themselves and their family.

Cpl Carrie Hopkins (f) is promoted to the rank of Sergeant by 3WW WSO Sqn Ldr Len Protheroe after immense commitment
to the Squadron Band and displaying an exemplary degree of loyalty.

Cdt Luke Mogford is promoted to the rank of Corporal by 3WW WSO Sqn Ldr Len Protheroe after passing
an NCO Course and achieveing high marks on the Staff Six Monthly Assessement Panel.

Cdt Jordan Aspland is promoted to the rank of Corporal by 3WW WSO Sqn Ldr Len Protheroeafter passing
an NCO Course and achieveing high marks on the Staff Six Monthly Assessement Panel.

Cdt Amy John (f) is promoted to the rank of Corporal by 3WW WSO Sqn Ldr Len Protheroeafter passing
an NCO Course and achieveing high marks on the Staff Six Monthly Assessement Panel.

Cdt Catlin Romaniw (f) is promoted to the rank of Corporal by 3WW WSO Sqn Ldr Len Protheroeafter passing
an NCO Course and achieveing high marks on the Staff Six Monthly Assessement Panel.

Cdt Sian Lawrence (f) is promoted to the rank of Corporal by 3WW WSO Sqn Ldr Len Protheroeafter passing
an NCO Course and achieveing high marks on the Staff Six Monthly Assessement Panel.

Staff Cadet Aural passes for 215 Cadets

F/Sgt Sarah Flower (f) and Sgt Jonathan Harper have achieved their ultimate goal after passing all of their Cadet examinations and finally their Staff Cadet Aural Examination with 3WW WSO Squadron Leader Protheroe.

Both Cadets will now be automatically transferred to the Recruit Training Wing of the Squadron.


215 (City of Swansea) Squadron
officially named as the 'BEST COMMUNITY SQUADRON IN No 3 WELSH WING'

(Photograph of 86 Cadets on parade when Sqn Ldr Kirczey visited recently for the Syllabus Examinations)

Staff and Cadets can be extremely proud of their selection by
Wing Commander RJ Wilson as the 'Best Community Liaison Squadron in
No 3 Welsh Wing' after a tremendous year of fund raising and charitable support.

One of the finest accolades must be the fact that 215 Sqn is now the driving force behind the 'Poppy Appeal' in the 'City of Swansea' and for the second year the Cadets and Staff have raised the figure to the highest total in history, this year even surpassing last years total of £47,400 to a staggering £48,000.

The No 3 Welsh Wing nomination will now be submitted to Group Captain Allen at RAF Cosford as well as the best nominations from No 1 Welsh Wing, No 2 Welsh Wing, Merseyside, West Mercian and Staffordshire Wings.


OPERATION 'DRAGON'S EYE' 2009 ~ Largest Overseas Camp in No 3 Welsh Wing History !

26 June to 03 July ~ Normandy, France


Cadets will be visiting France for a whole week to commemorate the 'D Day Landings' as well as tours of Caen, Bayeaux and enjoyment sessions on the beach, sports, swimming pools etc.

Our camp site for the week !
Parent Consent Forms and Letters for your Headmasters are available from the Squadron Office.

Please return letters asap to book your place ~ Olchfa Comprehensive School already supporting event.


What about 2010 ~ 215 Sqn will Visit Holland & our Dutch Family ~ The Deulings

Cadets and Staff will be visiting Holland for a week in 2010 ~ The Overloon Museum, The Efteling Theme Park, The Kinderdyke, The Delta Works, Amsterdam as well as an activity packed array of sailing, skiing, rock climbing etc.


What about 2011 ~ 215 Sqn is hoping to go 'Down Under' to Australia with 50 Cadets

'The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side'

Mr Roy Stanney joins the 'Team 215' league of gentlemen and ladies

Gliding Scholarship 'SOLO' Wings for Sgt Ross Howells

After completing a full week's course at 636 Gliding Squadron, Sgt Ross Howells was presented with his solo wings.
A great effort !

No 3 Welsh Wing Warrant Officer visits 215 Squadron

Warrant Officer Phil Morgan visited 215 and spent the evening training two of our Staff, A/Sgt Carol John (f) and A/Sgt Clare Prosser (f), who will both be attending their Initial Course at RAF Cranwell in May 2009.

WO Morgan also had the opportunity to inspect the Squadron on final parade.


WO Bravin & A/Sgt John (f) have achieved sponsorship of over £1000 in just under a week to help provide
sponsored 'T' shirts, polo shirts and sweat shirts for the 'Dragon's Eye'
'D' Day Landings of June 2009.

Cadet Callum McPhee has also stepped up the pressure on the other Cadets by raising over
£250 for Normandy 2009. Well done Callum !

Any Cadets available to get sponsorship ~ Speak to your Commanding Officer.


6 X 9 Man Vango Diablo 'state of the art' tents have been sponsored for the Cadets trip to Normandy this forthcoming June. The Squadron has also been sponsored for
carpets, lighting, power cables and a high quality gazebo for each tent area.

£400 has also been received for 'T' shirt sponsorship for the Cadets to
fly the flag in Normandy 2009.

Want to go to France, Holland & Australia - then join the '215 Globe Trotters'.


Cadet Syllabus Examination Passes ~ April 2009

First Class Passes for super keen Cadets.

Leading Cadet Passes & Senior Cadet Passes.

Flight Sergeant Promotions & RAF Rheindhalen Camp 2009 for
Sarah T E Flower (f) & Katie A Ray (f)

215 Squadron has an outstanding future ahead with the first promotions to Flight Sergeant for a number of years. These two Cadets will lead the Squadron forward and encourage other Cadets to achieve their potential - who knows they may even lead us to another 'Lees Trophy' success.

First Class Certificates Awarded to the 'New Kids on the Block'

Which one wil be the next Commanding Officer of 215 ?

'Richard Hearn'

"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."





All the Gold DOE Cadets & Staff attended the Squadron the same day after completing a gruelling expedition. They were honoured with Squadron Certificates in front of the other 70 Cadets.


215 & 1358 raise funds for 'Operation Deuling'

215 & 1358 have amalgamated to raise funds for their overseas visit to the Netherlands in 2009.
Sixty Cadets are going to travel to Holland for a weeks activities.


46 Cadets from 215 and 6 Cadets from 1358 are making history when they visit Normandy for a week in June, making it the largest overseas No 3 Welsh Wing Camp.

Swansea RAFA have sponsored the Cadets with a kind donation.

215 welcomes a new staff member - Mr Mark Brittle


British Champions for Class 'B'

AIMING HIGH ~ The 215 SATT Team have won the coveted 'Green Howards' Class 'B' National Title
after beating 91 teams from the Sea, Army, Air and CCF Cadet Corps.

'TOP GUN' is an understatement !

Lord Lieutenant's 'Poppy Appeal' Awards 2008~2009

Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant D Byron Lewis CStJ, FCA

I/Sgt Alan Jones was awarded the 'Best Cadet Collector' for South and West Wales out of the Sea Cadets, Army Cadets and Air Cadets as well as being awarded the 'Best in the ATC',

Cdt Amy John (f) was awarded the 'Runner Up Collector' for both categories.

215 was also awarded the 'Chief Constables Unit Endeavour Award' by the
Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Barbara Wilding

I/Sgt Alan Jones is awarded the 'Chief Fire Officers Individual Endeavour Award' for collecting over
£3,000 when he took two weeks annual leave to collect for the 'Poppy Appeal'.

The ATC contingent from 215 (City of Swansea) Sqn, 360 (Llwchwr) Sqn and 1054 (Llanelli) Sqn.

French Exchange Student Hosted By 215

Helene Hardy from 'Le Mans' was looked after by 215 for two nights on her recent exchange to Wales. Can we start a 'DF' in Le Mans - anything is possible.

High Sheriff of West Glamorgan Honours
Flying Officer Paul Brannigan and Adult Sergeant Terri Brannigan (f)
for their outstanding commitment to Hospital Radio etc

After committing over 25 years to the Hospital Radio Network as well as helping numerous other charities, the 'Deadly Duo' were rewarded for their exemplary efforts in the community.



Sgt Jordan Prosser & Cpl Michael Myatt & Cpl Kim Brannigan (f)

Cadet Daniel Gough & Sgt Sarah Flower (f) & Cadet Chris Bradley

The results of the Regional Service competition which took place at 
Shawbury on Sunday 29th March 2009:
1st ----215 (City of Swansea) Sqn

215 Small Arms Competition Training Team have won the Wales & the West of England MK 8 Shooting Trophy after beating teams from: No 1 Welsh Wing, No 2 Welsh Wing,
Merseyside Wing, West Mercian Wing & Staffordshire Wing.

The actual team who competed at Shawbury consisted of Cpl Myatt, Cpl Brannigan (f), Cdt Bradley & Cdt Gough as Sgt Prosser is attending RAF Cyprus and Sgt Flower is hosting a French exchange.

Cpl Michael Myatt achieved the 'Best Marksman Award' for the Wales & the West of England Region and Cdt Daniel Gough was placed third.

Congratulations to Pilot Officer Barry Garnham, Warrant Officer Steve Hill & Civilian Instructor Chris Roberts for their outstanding commitment and the countless hours they have dedicated to training the Cadet Team.

Sgt Jordan Prosser attends RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus for two weeks

Sgt Jordan Prosser is enjoying a two week overseas Camp in Cyprus after a being selected as one of No 3 Welsh Wing's Best Cadets to attend.



The Squadron has now attracted over 30 new recruits and boasts an immense average parade strength of 80 Cadets.

Archery, climbing, shooting and many other activities will ensure they all stay part of this vibrant Unit.


'The Best Drill Team in No 3 Welsh Wing ATC for 2009'

Rear Row (L-R): Sgt Katie Ray (f), Sgt Ross Howells, Cdt Jack Hannah, Cdt Nathan Messer, Cdt Daniel Ray,
Cdt Luke Mogford, Cdt Amy John (f), I/Cpl Alan Jones & Sgt Jordan Prosser.
Front Row (L-R): Cdt Natalie Boyce (f), Cdt Kerryn Nelson (f), Cdt Sophie Hopkins (f), Cdt Gemma Price (f),
Cdt Fern Thomas (f), Cdt Sharie Messer (f) & Cpl Kim Brannigan (f).

The 'Team 215' Drill Team competed at the Inter Squadron Field Training Day at Whitland on Sunday 22nd March 2009 and after an outstanding display of Drill, Dress and Discipline, were awarded the coveted
'Best Drill Team Trophy' in No 3 Welsh Wing.

Best Drill Instructor in No 3 Welsh Wing 2009

Sergeant Katie Ray (f) was exemplary as the NCO in charge of the Squad and can be justifiably proud of her breathtaking personal qualities, which lifted the Team to reach its full potential.

'Its not just the winning - its the taking part and having fun that's the most important factor'

Congratulations to Pilot Officer John Cooksey and Pilot Officer Barry Garnham
for their training and support of the Team.

Plt Off Paul Brannigan & A/Sgt Terri Brannigan (f) to be awarded the prestigious
'High Sheriff's Meritorious Service Award for 2008/2009'

Both Pilot Officer Paul Brannigan and Adult Sergeant Terri Brannigan (f) will be jointly awarded 'The High Sheriffs Meritorious Service Award' after a distinguished career with the Air Training Corps and services to the 'Hospital Radio' at Singleton Hospital, Swansea.

They will receive their award from the High Sheriff, Mrs Pam Spender on Saturday 28th March 2009.

65th and Final Anniversary Parade ~ Horse Guards Parade, London
June 19, 20, 21& 22 June 2009

Four days & three nights B & B in 5 Star Hotel, all transport provided, Indian Meal, Chinese Meal, London Eye,
River Trip, Visits inside No 10 & No 11 Downing Street, Houses of Parliament and
VIP Tour of Buckingham Palace.

Cost ~ £100 per Cadet

Squadron has been allocated 20 Cadet places ~ this is a once in a lifetime trip.

Interested ~ Contact OC 215 ASAP.


ILM Course in Team Building ~ 10, 17 & 24 May 2009

Cadets have to be 16 years of age and pay registation and qualification fees of £69.00 to complete the course.

Apply direct to OC 215 ~ Cut Off ~ Friday 14 Mar 09

St David's Day in the Mumbles ~ 01 Mar 09

The Squadron Band led the Mumbles Community Council 'St David's Day Parade', which had over six hundred marching children in Welsh costumes and dragons.



First Prize for the 'Wales Quiz' ~ 2 tickets for the Ospreys v Leinster Mar 09

Cdt Chantelle Hawkins (f) wins first prize !

2nd prize ~ 2 tickets for Ospreys for Sgt Flower & 3rd prize of a 'Wales' shirt for Sgt Prosser


'Welsh Dragon Hat' for Cdt McPhee & 'Grand Slam' DVD for Sgt Ray

'Welsh Scarf' for Cdt Madden & 'Welsh Rugby DVD' for Cdt Ray

'Welsh Teddy' for Cdt Thomas & 'Box of Cholocates' for Cdt Tuckett

'Box of Chocolates' for Cdt Lawrence & 'Welsh Flag' for Cdt Morgan

'Wales Flag' for Sgt Harper & 'Wales Scarf' for Cdt Bradley

'Wales Rugby DVD' for Cdt Mogford

Next Game ~ Wales v Ireland
Saturday 21 Mar 09 ~ Tickets £2.00 for Quiz, Food, Drink etc


ATC 'Corps' Certificates and Bronze Corps Medals were presented by Wing Commander Wilson to
Sgt Jordan Prosser and Cpl Michael Myatt after representing the ATC in the National Whistler Shooting Competition in 2008.

Wing Commander Wilson presents the BTEC Aviation Studies Certificates
January 2009

Instructor Sergeant Matthew Vanstone & Sergeant Jonathan Harper

Instructor Corporal Alan Jones& Instructor Cadet Kevin Watt


Wing Commander Wilson presents the Best Cadet for January 2009

Cadet Natalie Boyce (f) is presented with the Best Cadet of the Month Award for January 2009
for outstanding commitment to the Community and the Squadron Band

Wing Commander Wilson presents the Best Cadet for December 2008

Cadet Christopher Bradley is presented with the Best Cadet of the Month Award for December 2008
for outstanding commitment to the Community, the Squadron Band & Shooting.

Wing Commander Wilson presents the Best Cadet for November 2008

I/Cpl Alan Jones is presented with the Best Cadet of the Month Award for November 2008
for outstanding commitment to the Community, the Royal British Legion & 'The Poppy Appeal'.

Flt Lt Lorraine Flower presented with a Corps Netball Blue

A Corps Blue was presented to Flt Lt Lorraine Flower as the ATC Netball Team Manager and Coach after guiding the Corps Team to its first ever National Success in January 2009.

A/Sgt Barry Garnham promoted by OC 3WW

A/Sgt Barry Garnham was recently promoted by OC 3WW, Wing Commander Bob Wilson when he inspected 215 Squadron.

Wing Commander Wilson presents No 3 Welsh Wing Sporting Blues

Cadet Messer S (f), Cdt Messer N, Sgt Prosser J, Cdt Romaniw C (f), Sgt Harper J & Cdt Bradley C
are all presented with Wing Blues and Flashes for various sporting achievements.

Wing Commander Wilson presents SSAFA Certificates for raising over £1500

Cadet Richards K (f), Cdt Hopkins S (f), Cdt Nelson K (f), Cdt John A (f), Cdt Mogford L,
Cdt Gough D & Cdt Bradley C
are all presented with certificates for outstanding commitment to SSAFA.

Squadron leads the way for the 'Mumbles Father Xmas Parade' ~ Dec 08


10 Cadets are invited to apply to attend the Clay Pigeon Shooting Day at Cardiff - the day will include two sessions of clay shooting and a hot lunch.

Interested ~ Give your names to your Flight Commanders ASAP for Sqn Notice Board.

RAF Work Experience Courses - 2008/2009

The following courses are available to all Cadets who wish to join the Royal Air Force:

Aero Systems Operator, Avionics, Sports, NCO Aircrew, Air Traffic control, RAF Regt, RAF Police, Logistics & Engineering.


Jnr Rugby / Jnr Netball / Senior 5-a-side / Girls 5-a-side
Sunday 25 Jan 09

RAF Careers Quiz

Friday 30th January 2009 - 215 Sqn HQ

Interested Cadets are to report to A/Sgt Garnham

Cadets have 'VIP' tour of South Wales Police Helicopter ~ December 2008

Six Cadets had a great day gliding at the 636 Gliding Squadron with an added bonus - they were all invited to have a guided tour of the South Wales Police Helicopter and speak to the crew.

Left to right : Cdt Bradley, Cdt McPhee, Cdt Bevan, Cpl Brannigan (f), Cdt Messer (f) & Cdt Hopkins (f) are pictured.


'Its Wales and the West of England Region for 215's Angels'

Sgt Sarah Flower, Sgt Katie Ray & Sgt Jessica Parker are the sole representatives from No 3WW for the Inter Region Senior Netball Championships, which will be taking place at RAF Cosford this weekend.

Well done !

Lord Mayor's Inauguration - May 2008


Cdt Messer, Cdt Crabb (f), Cdt Bevan, Cdt Hawkins (f), Cdt Thomas, Cdt McCloy (f) & Cdt Lawrence (f)

First Class Pass and Leading Pass

Cpl Carrie Hopkins (f) finally received her First Class Certificate as well as a Leading Cadet pass for Cdt Howell Meredith.

Cdt Amy John (f) completes work experience at MOD St Athan

A successful week attachment to the Media Communications Officer from No 4 School of Technical Training was completed with the award of Cadet Amy John's Certificate of Training. Whilst at MOD St Athan she carried numerous PR interviews and also spent a day with the Station Commander.

3WW Afan Argoed Adventure Training Challenge - Sun 27 Jan 08

The team achieved 'THIRD PLACE' out of Nineteen Squadrons in their very first competition - A Brilliant Result !


Well done to the team for their dedication and commitment

Well done to West Cross Sqn who won the competition and to Kenfig Hill Sqn who were the runners up - A Great Day for 3WW

Band Badges Awarded by A/Sgt Rhiannon Prosser

Sgt Prosser, Cdt D'Angeli (f), Cdt Tucker, Cdt McPhee & Sgt Howells are all awarded their Drummers Badge ,
which recognizes over a years commitment to the Squadron Band.

'Team 215' are ready to challenge 3WW at the RAF Careers Quiz - Thur 31 Jan 08

ICWO John (f), Sgt Flower (f), Cpl Clarke & Sgt Parker (f) will be competing on behalf of 215.

Squadron Leader Protheroe presents Heart Start Certificates

24 Cadets achieved their Heart Start Certificates and were awarded them by 215's new Wing Staff Officer - Squadron Leader Len Protheroe.

Tri-Squadron Visit to London is a Supreme Success - October 2007

43 Cadets flew the flag for No 3 Welsh Wing on a VIP visit to London.

Well done to Flt Lt Heath Davies for organizing the trip and
inviting the 13 Cadets and CI Carol John (f) from 215.


No 3 Welsh Wing Parade - Pembroke - Sun 23 Sept 07

01 Dec 08 ~ still waiting for the Cadet Certificates !

Cadets of 215 attended the prestigious No 3 Welsh Wing Parade at Pembroke on Sunday 23rd September 2007.

The Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Moulds was the Reviewing Officer.

All the Cadets and Staff who attended the No 3 Welsh Wing Review Parade will be issued with a ceremonial certificate, which was designed by Flt Lt Phill Flower.

Veterans Concert - Brangwyn Hall - Wed 27 June 2007

The Cadets together with Pilot Officer Paul Brannigan designed and printed 350 Veterans Concert Programmes for the Commemorative Concert held on Wednesday 27th June 2007.

The Programmes were an outstanding success and were sold out at the end of the evening, generating over £500 for the Normandy veterans to allocate to different charities.

It looks likely that the Squadron will host this event next year with a team of veterans.


Flight Lieutenant David Bennett has 'Reached for the Sky' after passing his Navigator Training on the Tornado GR3.

An ex-Cadet Flight Sergeant of 215, he has certainly risen to new heights and is an exemplary ambassador for the Royal Air Force and the Air Training Corps.

Can you live up to the 215 Challenge ?

Be trained by the professionals !

Cadets Urged To Apply For Flying Courses

If your over 16 with Grade 'C' or above in Maths, English or equivalent in SCE (or predicted) you can apply for:

1. Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (Light Aircraft Course)
2. Air Cadet Pilot Scheme ( Microlight Course)
3. Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (AEF Course)
4. Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme

Interested: Report to OC 215 for Application Forms ASAP


'The Untouchables'



Fund raising effort by Cadets raises over £500 for SSAFA

Major Howard Worthing (SSAFA) has highly commended the Cadets of 215 after their fund raising efforts for the SSAFA raised a brilliant total of £583.08.

The top two collectors were:

Corporal Ross Howells collected £55.00
Cadet Kim Brannigan (f) who collected £51.00

All Cadets will receive certificates from SSAFA (UK)

Cadet Gareth Archer wins RIAT Tickets for 2007

Cadet Gareth Archer has won tickets to the Royal International Air tattoo 2007
after winning one of the competitions in the 'Air Cadet'

Cadet Fund Raising Officer - Corporal Alice McPhee (f)

Corpral Alice McPhee (f), the Squadron Cadet Fund Raising Officer has now raised over £750.00 through active sponsorship.

New Ideas - Speak to Alice Urgently !


Sponsorship Success for Squadron's Cadets

ICWO Carley-Jane Schuneman (f) and Cpl Alice McPhee (f) have both succeeded in attracting sponsorship for the Squadron from the HSBC and Nat West Banks.

The sponsorship, which exceeds £1500 wil be used for new projects.

Corporal James Evans achieves Web Site Award

Corporal James Evans will be awarded a special gift from the Squadron for being the 50,000 Web Site visitor. He is the first Cadet to claim a Web Site Award.



Squadron Leader Stuart Anderson, 3WW WSO inspected the Squadron, which boasted 55 Cadets on parade, 12 Staff and 6 Civilian Committee Members.

A wide array of activities were on display and Squadron Leader Anderson commended the
'Team 215' & 'Dare 215 Excel' spirit for an excellent evening.


First Aid at Work Qualifications - Mar 07

CI Carol John (f), Plt Off Daniel Thomas, ICWO Carly-Jayne Schuneman (f) and
A/Sgt Terri Brannigan (f) have all passed their First Aid at Work qualification.


Heart Start Instructors Qualifications - Mar 07

CI Carol John (f), Plt Off Daniel Thomas, ICWO Carly-Jayne Schuneman (f) and
A/Sgt Terri Brannigan (f) have all passed their Heart Start Instructors qualification.


Success on NCO Course at RAF Cranwell

Adult Sergeant Terri Brannigan (f) and Adult Sergeant Rhiannon Prosser (f) have both passed their NCO Training Course
at Royal Air Force Cranwell, achieveing high grades throughout their week long course.

The difficult course entailed many sessions of drill instruction, leadership exercises, lecture techniques etc and is very demanding.

'Well Done !'


Happy 40th Birthday A/Sgt Terri Brannigan (f)

Adult Sergeant Terri Brannigan (f) celebrated her 40th Birthday in style at a special party organised by her husband, Pilot officer Paul Brannigan on Saturday 17th March 2007. She was also presented with a small gift from the Staff and Cadets.
'Life Begins at 40 - So They Say !'


215 Sqn Awarded the BT Community Connections Award 2007

Each award package, worth approximately £1,300, consists of :

  • An NEC multi-media internet-ready computer
  • A contribution towards one year's broadband internet access through BT Total Broadband


RAF Careers Quiz Team Try Their Best - Jan 2007

It was 'thumbs up' as the 215 Team competed against 22 other Squadron Teams in the Wing. Sadly it was a 'thumbs down'
at the end of the night with the team being placed half way - no disgrace - they all had a great time.

It's not always about winning.


Squadron Newsletter Issued for 2006

Cdt Maguire (f), Cdt Jones (f) & Cdt Mogford show the final issue of the
Squadron Newsletter for 2006 - full of achievement by the Cadets.


High Flyers Promoted to Sergeant - October 2006

Sophia John (f) & Matthew Vanstone have been rewarded for outstanding loyalty and commitment to the Squadron with their promotion to the rank of Sergeant.

Cadets show the ' The Christmas Spirit ' for the
Children of Swansea - December 2006

The Cadets of 215 are wrapping 4500 selection boxes for the children of Swansea, who will be visiting Santa's Grotto in the City Centre.

All the proceeds will be donated to a wide array of charitable causes and will once again reflect the Squadron's aim to help the less fortunate within the Community.


'Future Cadet of 215' ~ Cdt Teigan Thomas ~ 4 mths

215 hopes to be the first Squadron in the Corps to have a 'Creche'

Its 'Flying High' for Chris Roberts

Christopher Roberts has achieved promotion to the rank of Flight Sergeant after a long and distinguished service with the Squadron.
He has also achieved his PPL this year and is the Flight Cadet for Grey Flight.

Ex-Cadet visits her friends at 215

ICWO Louise Thomas is expecting her first child, a baby girl in July 2006. She visited the Squadron to see
her old friends and to let us all know she is well and still thinking of the Squadron.


'215' Bids a fond farewell to two of its 'High Achievers'

Corporal Catherine Jones (f) and Corporal Johnathan Clayton have bid a sad farewell to the Cadets and Staff of
215 Squadron. The 'High Achievers' who have contributed to many of the Squadrons successes such as representations at Corps Shooting, Corps Band, Nijmegan Marches and two Lees Trophy Wins in four years have sadly moved to Kent.

The Squadron will however not loose touch with two of its finest. We all wish them well in their new home and new Squadron.
(More news about their move will follow)


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